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600 years of History written by the same family

The Pitray and their ancestors have gone through history since the one hundred year war.

Since then, wine making has always been part of the life of this property that devotes to it most of its efforts today.

Today, Jean de Boigne, grandson of the Vicomte de Pitray, runs the property.

Here are some dates of the oldest family property of Bordeaux.


Dolmen on Pitray


Jehan de Las Symas, says Simard, bought a parcel of vineyard from his neighbor at Saint-Emilion (first mention of the name of Simard).

15th century

Construction of the feudal manor of Pitray


Marguerite de Pellegrue 1st Lady of Pitray marries Bertrand de Ségur.


John of Yversen was sent by King Henry III as ambassador to the Sultan Soliman the Magnificent.


Françoise de Ségur, inheritor of Pitray, marries Elias of Simard alderman of St. Emilion. Start branch Simard de Pitray.


Palamède de Suffren, ancestor of the Boigne, embarked on the "Fantastic" commanded by his uncle Bailli de Suffren and participated in the American War of Independence.


Pierre de Pitray, who also fought in America, is a founding member of the Cincinnati.


Benoît de Boigne s'embarque pour l'Inde. Embauché par le Maharadja Scindia contre les anglais, il devient commandant en chef des Mahrattes.


Jean-Francois de S. de P embarks for America with all his family to escape the Terror. They returned to Pitray in 1802.


The town of Chambéry raises the "Fountain of the Elephants" in recognition of its benefactor General de Boigne.


Emile Vincent de Pitray marries Olga, daughter of the Countess of Segur, famous author of books for youth.


The Gal of Simard de Pitray has rebuilt the castle of Pitray by Blaquière, architect of Bordeaux. The park is designed by Fischer and planted by Escarpit.


Louis-Antoine de Simard de Pitray founded the castle of Pitray in Oran (El Hassi).


Tennis at Pitray


The Countess of Pitray protects the castle of Pitray from the German occupation by ruse.


Louis de S. de Pitray succeeded in bringing his ship La Trombe back to Toulon after being torpedoed.


Louis de S. de P modernized the vineyard and opened new markets in the USA and Great Britain.


Alix de Pitray and her husband P.E. de Boigne buy the first barrels to raise the Pitray.


Jean de Boigne, grandson of Louis de S. de Pitray develops export to new markets.


Complete rehabilitation of the roofs (cellars and castle) following the hailstorm of 2013.


Jean de Boigne succeeds to his parents with the objective the transmit to next generation, in a few years...


Nina Mitjavile (very famous St Emilion family) is the new consultant that manages vineyard and winery with the objective to move Pitray at the top of the appellation.